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Courtney at Sydney Airport, 1995.

Says the photographer, Richard Simpkin:

I took this photo of Courtney at Sydney airport. Courtney Love was with her band ‘Hole’ to perform at ‘The Big Day Out’. When she arrived (at the airport) there were a few fans waiting for her. Courtney was kind enough to sign an autograph or two for the waiting fans. Once outside Courtney sat on the ground and had a smoke. One of the fans gave her a scrapbook which was full of newspaper clippings of Kurt Cobains death. Courtney happily took the scrapbook and spent sometime looking through it.

The newspaper clipping reads: Rock loses grunge idol to suicide.

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Can anyone confirm 100% that this is Kurt Cobain for me, I am on the fence with this one?

This would be Kurt, yes. It’s from July of 1993.

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Tests to cover Nevermind, 1991

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Nirvana Revealed: Backstage diaries tell of Kurt Cobain’s passion for Scotland.

The first thing you notice about Kurt is his piercing blue eyes. He has peroxide hair in between two styles and two colours, blond with darker roots. It looks like he’s growing it in with signs of a shorter, more sensible crop from about six months before.

He looks undernourished, slightly sick, as if needing or just recovering from surgery. At the time, I didn’t know about his prescribed medication.

As a supposedly hyperactive four-year-old, he was prescribed Ritalin for a period of three months and later in life, unrelated painful stomach problems would require ongoing medical monitoring.

He wore gloves with the ends cut off, an Oxfam raincoat and a cardigan with holes in it.

He preferred roll-ups rather than filtered cigarettes. I watched as he expertly created a perfectly formed homemade cigarette.

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10/24/90 - London, UK.

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“It’s such a cliche thing to say: ‘Once we’re not having fun anymore we’re just going to quit.’ Everyone says that. It happens when you reach a certain age. But there’s still people like Neil Young. There’s still a handful of people like that who’ve never lost their sights. To mature, to me, to use examples of other bands, is to wimp out. To put up an image that isn’t sincere anymore. That’s why I hope to destroy my career before it’s too late. Before I look ridiculous. There are plenty of things I would like to do when I’m older.” - Kurt Cobain.

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